Steering Committee

  • Jason Alley, Director of Learning and Research Technologies
  • Susan Averett, Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics
  • Jamila Bookwala (co-chair), Dean of Curriculum and Research/Professor of Psychology
  • Roger Clow, Assistant Vice President of Communications
  • Patricia Donahue (co-chair), Professor and Department Head of English
  • Markus Dubischar, Associate Professor and Assistant Head of Foreign Languages and Literatures/Chair of Classical Civilization Studies
  • Michael Heaney, Board of Trustees
  • Holly Lantos, Director of Budget and Analytics
  • Brandon Morris, Class Dean and Fellowships Advisor
  • Elaine Reynolds, Associate Professor of Biology/Chair of Aging Studies
  • Carol Rowlands, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Alma Scott-Buczak, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Joshua Smith, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Chair of BS Engineering/AB International Studies
  • Louis Zulli, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Amber Zuber, Director of the Center for Community Engagement
  • S. Abu Rizvi, Provost (ex officio)

Working Group for Standard I – Mission and Goals

  • Joshua Smith and Carol Rowlands (co-chairs)
  • Daniel Ayala, Associate Director, Student Life
  • Ed Kerns, Professor of Art
  • Robin Rinehart, Dean of the Faculty
  • Melissa Schultz, Senior Associate Director, Career Services
  • Bob Sell, Trustee

Working Group for Standard II – Ethics and Integrity

  • Roger Clow and Louis Zulli (co-chairs)
  • Rosie Bader, Director of Business Services
  • Sue Burns, Associate Dean of Admissions
  • Scott Morse, Director of Athletic Communications and Promotions
  • Eric Ziolkowski, Professor of Religious Studies

Working Group for Standard III – Student Learning Experience

  • Jason, Alley, Patricia Donahue, Elaine Reynolds (co-chairs)
  • Bianca Falbo, Associate Professor of English, Director of CWP
  • DC Jackson, Professor of History
  • John Nestor, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Andy Smith, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies
  • Lijuan Xu, Associate Director for Research and Instructional Services

Working Group for Standard IV – Student Support

  • Brandon Morris and Amber Zuber (co-chairs)
  • Frank Benginia, Registrar
  • Jennifer Dize, Director of Student Conduct
  • Emily Gonzalez, Class of 2019
  • Kara Howe, Associate Registrar
  • Greg MacDonald, Vice-President for Enrollment Management
  • Kaitlyn McKittrick, Deputy Director of Athletics
  • Liz McMahon, Professor of Mathematics
  • Chris Selena, Associate Dean of Advising

Working Group for Standard V – Educational Effectiveness and Assessment

  • Jamila Bookwala and Markus Dubischar (co-chairs)
  • Andrew Dougherty, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Jeff Helm, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Meghan Masto, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Julie Smith, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Suzanne Westfall, Professor of Theater

Working Group for Standard VI – Planning and Resources

  • Holly Lantos and Alma Scott-Buczak (co-chairs)
  • Craig Becker, Associate Vice-President, Finance
  • Katherine Butler, Director of Planning, Analysis, and Communications
  • Rachel Moeller, Executive Director, Alumni Relations
  • Seo-Hyun Park, Assistant Professor, Government and Law
  • Lisa Rex, Director of Human Resources
  • Simon Tonev, Director of Institutional Research
  • Student member (TBD)

Working Group for Standard VII – Governance, Leadership, and Administration

  • Susan Averett and Michael Heaney (co-chairs)
  • Rosie Bukics, Professor of Economics
  • Roger Demarski, Vice-President for Finance
  • Jim Krivoski, Vice President and Liaison to the Board